Klothilde Schindler née Stern

Albrechtstr. 38
Stone was laid
19 September 2013
16 August 1894 in Buttenwiesen
on 02 March 1943 to Auschwitz
in Auschwitz
Klothilde Schindler, known as Tilde, was the daughter of Rosa and Salomon Stern, who lived in the Bavarian village of Buttenwiesen. Here she married Georg Schindler on 21 September 1919 and so became part of the extended Weiss family, whose members had once left Silesia for Berlin. On 6 November 1919, she and her husband moved to Berlin.
In 1939, they moved in as subtenants with relatives, named Kaiser and Lewy, at Albrecht Strasse 38 in Steglitz. After the latter two were deported in September and December 1942, respectively, Georg and Klothilde Schindler were the last remaining Jews in the apartment. On 1 February 1943, the Gestapo headquarters in Berlin completed the order to seize their assets. On 1 March 1943, it was delivered to them with notice of receipt in the assembly camp at Levetzow Strasse 8 in Moabit. Tilde Schindler was deported on 2 March 1943 on the “31st transport to the East” to Auschwitz; her husband Georg Schindler was deported on 3 March 1943 on the “32nd transport to the East”. Both are considered missing since their arrival in Auschwitz.
Tilde’s sister Else managed to emigrate to California. In 1974, she wrote a page of testimony for Yad Vashem in which she suggests that the Schindlers died in Dachau.