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Margarete Prager

Stolperstein am Tag der Verlegung
Stolperstein für Margarete Prager. Foto: OTFW.
Ringstr. 102 D

Steglitz-Zehlendorf – Lichterfelde

01/14/1890 in Berlin
on the 1st of March 1943 to Auschwitz
in Auschwitz

Margarete Prager was baptized in the Protestant faith but persecuted under the Nazis’ racial laws as “Jewish”.

Margarete Prager never married and lived with her sister Gertrud, born 20 May 1888, and her widowed mother Marta at Ring Strasse 102d in Berlin-Lichterfelde. Margarete’s mother was registered as the owner of the house. Margarete Prager was a shorthand typist; her sister was a publisher. Marta Prager’s name no longer appears in the Berlin directory after 1931. The two sisters’ last entry is in 1939.

Margarete Prager’s last job before her deportation in March 1943 was for Siemens-Halske on Holzdamm for a weekly wage of RM 22, along with 3000 other forced labourers. Siemens-Halske is known to have made its Jewish forced labourers train their Polish replacements prior to their arrest. They were taken from their workplace during the so-called “Factory Action” in late February 1943 and deported. Margarete Prager, too, was a victim of this campaign. She was deported on 1 March 1943 to Auschwitz.

The house at Ring Strasse 102d was then the property of the Prager sisters and managed by “Paul Zeitz, Lichterfelde-West, Fontanestr. 10”.

Margarete’s sister Gertrud married a man named Lundblad on 1 June 1939 in Helsingör, Denmark. She wrote a declaration authorizing the property manager Paul Zeitz “to assume all objects in the house and garden in Berlin-Lichterfelde-West, Ringstr. 102d, and to hand them over to Frau Dr. Maria List, Berlin-Karlshorst, Neuwiederstr. 27, to keep them for me and my possible future use. Gertrud Lundblad, née Prager” certified by “Helsingör Politistation, 20. M. 43”.

But the house was seized. The president of the superior finance directorate informed the Mayor of the Reich capital in a letter of 27 March 1943, “Re: Jew apartment Lichterfelde, Ringstr. 102. Jewish tenant Margarete Sara Prager. Above apartment has been allotted to Eduard Raupert by preferential order granting possession. Grounds: many children and frontline soldier …” The new tenant bought the furnishings of the house for RM 600. It is not known whether the request by Huth-Immobilien estate agency to reimburse an appropriate share of the sale’s proceeds was granted.

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