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Harry Gabriel-Redlich (born Gabriel)

Stolperstein für Harry Gabriel-Redlich. Foto: OTFW.
Falkentaler Steig 16

Reinickendorf – Hermsdorf

12/06/1927 in Berlin
on the 26th of September 1942 from Falkentaler Steig 16 to Raasiku (b. Reval)
in Raasiku (b. Reval)

Harry Gabriel-Redlich was born Harry Gabriel on 6 December 1927 in Berlin. It is not known who his natural parents were. In a declaration of assets that he signed, he stated he was “of mixed blood”, from which we can assume that only one of his parents was Jewish. In this declaration, Harry also used the additional name “Israel” that was compulsory for people of Jewish faith.

Harry spent his early years in a children’s home in what was then Rosenthaler Strasse 26 in Berlin-Wittenau. Today it is the site of the school “Schule am Park” at the address Eichborndamm 286-288.

The former address is the one Harry gave as his place of residence in his declaration of assets. He also stated that he worked for the firm Gubelar & Krause at Frankfurter Allee 135 in Berlin-Lichtenberg, a laundry and dry cleaning shop where he earned 12 Reichmarks a week.

For a short period, he lived at Motz Strasse 32 in Berlin-Schöneberg.

The caretaker of the synagogue at today’s Falkentaler Steig 16, Willy Redlich, became Harry’s foster father. Harry took his name in addition to his birth name and henceforth called himself Harry Gabriel-Redlich. Falkentaler Steig 16 is Harry Gabriel-Redlich’s last known address, where he lived with his foster father.

Harry Gabriel-Redlich was deported from the Berlin police prison on the 20th transport to the East to Raasiku near Reval, probably on 26 September 1942.

He is presumed missing.

Biographical Compilation

AG Stolpersteine Reinickendorf

English Translation

Charlotte Kreutzmüller

Additional Sources

Neuere Angaben zum Lebenslauf von Harry Gabriel finden sich in dem Buch von Gabriel Heim "Diesseits der Grenze" aus dem Christoph Merian Verlag ,2.Auflage 2020.