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Lotte Ibermann

Stolpersteine für Lotte und Taube Ibermann © Koordinierungsstelle Stolpersteine Berlin
Fehrbelliner Straße 86

Pankow – Prenzlauer Berg

02/09/1922 in Berlin
on the 29th of October 1941 to Łódź / Litzmannstadt
in Łódź / Litzmannstadt

Lotte Ibermann was born on 9 February 1922 (or 1921?) in Berlin, the eldest daughter of Leo Ibermann, a tradesman, and his wife Toni Taube Ibermann, née Rösler. Little is known about her short life. Following her father’s early death, she no doubt had to look after her two younger sisters, Sonja and Ursula, to take some of the burden from her mother, who worked full-time as a dressmaker and sole trader.
She grew up with her mother and sisters in Sebastian Strasse 17 in Berlin-Kreuzberg and later in Belforter Strasse 30 in Prenzlauer Berg. She attended a school in Stallschreiber Strasse in Kreuzberg until 1933, then a school in Schönhauser Allee in Prenzlauer Berg. Under the Nazis’ increasing restrictions targeting Jews after 15 November 1938, Jewish children were barred from attending German schools (following an order from the Reich ministry for science, education and national culture). It is not known whether Lotte then changed to a Jewish school, and perhaps started learning a profession, or was immediately assigned compulsory employment.
Her sisters Sonja and Ursula were evacuated to Britain as part of a kindertransport, but Lotte stayed with her mother. Some time between August 1939 and 1941, she and her mother moved to an apartment at Fehrbelliner Strasse 86 in Prenzlauer Berg. In 1941 they moved into a so-called Jews’ house at Lothringer Strasse 34-35 (today Tor Strasse with different numbering). This was her last address in Berlin. From here, she and her mother were deported on 27 October 1941 to a concentration camp in Łódź, Poland. Lotte Ibermann never returned.

Her memory, however, remains alive in the minds and hearts of her family. Charlott, the first great-grandchild of her sister Sonja, who survived by emigrating to Britain and later to Australia, was born on 17 April 2012 and has the same dark, wonderfully expressive eyes as Lotte.

Biographical Compilation

Melitta Rheinheimer

English Translation

Charlotte Kreutzmüller