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Alice Pulvermann

Fotografie von Alice Pulvermann. Fotorechte: Privatbesitz
Foto: Initiative Stolpersteine Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
Lärchenweg 33

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf – Charlottenburg

07/30/1907 in Berlin
on the 29th of January 1943 to Auschwitz
in Auschwitz

Berthold Pulvermann, a merchant, was born on 15 February 1867. From 1922 to 1940 he lived with his wife Charlotte, née Radlauer, born on 31 May 1877, and for some of that time with their daughters Alice and Minna, at Lärchenweg 33.

Alice Pulvermann was born in Berlin on 30 July 1907. She became a seamstress and moved back in with her parents in 1936. After they were forced to sell their house in 1940 she lived with acquaintances at Wieland Strasse 17 (Charlottenburg). She was deported on 29 January 1943, aged 35, to Auschwitz, where she was murdered. Having lost their house, Berthold and Charlotte Pulvermann had to move to Landhaus Strasse 25a (Wilmersdorf). Their last Berlin address was the assembly camp at Gerlach Strasse 18-21 (today Moll Strasse 7a, Berlin-Mitte). All their remaining assets were seized on 1 September 1942 and they were scheduled to be deported to Theresienstadt. But Berthold Pulvermann took his own life four days later. He was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Weissensee. Charlotte was deported to Theresienstadt on 14 September 1942. She was murdered on 2 December 1942, aged 65.

The Pulvermanns’ daughter Minna Lewy, née Pulvermann, an art teacher, emigrated to Palestine with her three-year-old son Thomas in 1938, following her husband, Rudolf Lewy, a musician and mathematician. He had emigrated in 1937 so was able to apply for entry permits for his wife and son. The Pulvermanns’ sons, Karl Ludwig and Gerhard, escaped to the United States. Berthold Pulvermann’s brother, Alex Pulvermann, a retired judicial counsellor, lived with his son Max Pulvermann, an assistant head of a government department, at Zikadenweg 56. Alex Pulvermann died in 1940; his son was able to emigrate to the United States.

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Charlotte Kreutzmüller