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Thea Fuss

Stolperstein für Thea Fuss. Foto: OTFW.
Fehrbellinerstr. 81

Mitte – Mitte

01/16/1930 in Berlin
on the 19th of October 1942 to Riga
10/22/1942 in Riga

Thea Fuss was born on 16 January 1930 in Berlin. Her parents were Abraham and Hildegard Fuss, who lived in an apartment at Fehrbelliner Strasse 83 (today number 81) in Berlin-Mitte, where they ran a tailor’s shop. Following Abraham’s arrest on 13 September 1939 and deportation to Sachsenhausen, his pregnant wife also feared persecution by the Nazis. She placed her daughters in the care of their grandfather and fled illegally to Sweden. Ruth and Thea’s grandfather was later deported from the Jewish old people’s home in Oranienburger Strasse. From her place of asylum in Sweden, Ruth’s mother tried in vain to gain exit permits for Thea and Ruth. Following their separation from their grandfather, the sisters lived in the Jewish children’s home in Fehrbelliner Strasse until it was closed in 1942. On 19 October 1942 Ruth and her sister Thea were deported on the 21st “transport to the East” and murdered on arrival.

Biographical Compilation

Indra Hemmerling

English Translation

Charlotte Kreutzmüller