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Dr. Friedrich (gen. Fritz) Dalen

Stolperstein für Friedrich (gen. Fritz) Dalen. Foto: OTFW.
Hochbergweg 2

Steglitz-Zehlendorf – Lichterfelde

12/10/1880 in Bromberg (Posen) / Bydgoszcz
03/01/1942 in Berlin

Fritz Dalen was the second eldest son of Robert Dalen and his wife Gertrud Dalen, née Friedländer. Both parents had Jewish ancestors but were themselves Protestants and they had their sons baptized Protestants. (For more information on Fritz Dalen’s parents, see the entry “Kurd Dalen”).

Little is known about Fritz Dalen’s life.
In 1906 he gained a doctorate from the University of Leipzig with a thesis on “The Law on Environmental Protection against Noxious Intrusions in the German Civil Code and the Industrial Code”.
From 1920, Fritz Dalen was listed in each year’s Berlin Directory as the owner of an apartment at Ulmen Strasse 1 (renamed Hochberg Weg in 1936) in Lichterfelde, and described as a lawyer and notary at district court I, II III. He had a housekeeper, Wally Schentke, who cared for his sick aunt.
In 1937 he was apparently expropriated and forced to move into a rented apartment opposite his own, at Hochberg Weg 2.
On 28 January 1936 his admission to practice as a lawyer and notary was cancelled under the Nazis’ racial laws.
Fritz Dalen was not married. Faced with the threat of deportation, on 1 March 1941, he took his own life.
In his will, he left his property to Wally Schentke, but she did not receive any of it. Before the inheritance procedure was completed, the documents were destroyed in a fire. The inventory lists in the file on Fritz Dalen’s assets show that he owned a relatively large art collection.

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