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Ruth Daisy Gutmann

Ruth Daisy Gutmann, Foto: Familie
Altonaer Str. 3

Mitte – Hansaviertel

01/15/1924 in Berlin
on the 19th of January 1942 to Riga
to Stutthof
01/14/1945 in Stutthof

Daisy Gutmann was born in Berlin on June 15, 1924, the only child of her parents, who divorced in 1928. Daisy and her mother, Stephanie (née Cohn), moved to a town near Gdansk, where they remained until the German invasion in 1939. Daisy then returned to Berlin, while her mother remained for a time in Gdansk but later moved to Warsaw. In Berlin Daisy lived with her aunt, Sophie, on Altonaer Str. She attended school until January 1942, but at that point she was ordered to join the Ninth Jewish Transport for evacuation to Riga. Her aunt, Sophie, accompanied her to Riga, but Sophie was apparently murdered later that year. Daisy lived on and was later relocated to Kaunas, but what occurred subsequently is unclear. At the beginning of 1945 she found herself in the Stutthof Concentration Camp, near Gdansk. She is reported to have died of typhus in the camp on January 14, 1945. She was only 20 years old, and she had almost survived the war.

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Andrew Koffmann

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Andrew Koffmann