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Georg David Laufer

Stolperstein Georg David Laufer Bild: Stolpersteine-Initiative CW, Hupka
Trautenaustr. 9

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf – Wilmersdorf

08/13/1886 in Jarotschin / Jarocin
12/20/1938 in Berlin

Georg David Laufer was born on 13th August 1886 in Jarotschin, at the time in Prussia. He moved to Berlin where he married Erna née Schachmann in 1920. Erna was born on 27th April 1898 in Berlin and died in Haifa.
Georg Laufer had a drugstore on the groundfloor of Trautenaustraße 9 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf where the family also lived in the large adjacent appartment on the left ground floor/mezzanine. In Berlin their daughter Ruth was born.
Georg died in Berlin on 20th December 1938 from injuries he had suffered from a violent assault by Nazi thugs on 9th or 10th November 1938, i.e. the so-called Kristallnacht. He was buried in the Jewish cemetery at Berlin-Weißensee.
The police stations that were in the neighbourhood in 1938 did not help him. A doctor helped him to be treated after the attack.

Georg and Erna Laufer's daughter Ruth fled Germany for Palestine with Youth Aliyah in 1939 . She became a nurse (at her graduation she was the youngest nurse in Palestine) and, in 1948, married Erich Stauss. The two daughters of the couple are Yael Reiser and Irit Bernstein.

After interception of the vessel by the British Erna Laufer, who escaped, was meant to be deported on the ship SS Patria to Mauritius. But having survived the sinking of the ship in the port of Haifa on 25th November 1940 she was sent to Atlit detention camp. In 1942 (probably) Erna was released and finally entered Palestine, where she remarried in the 1950s. Her second husband was Walther Rausch.

Text: Yael Reiser/Irit Bernstein, Enkeltöchter von Georg David Laufer

Der Stolperstein zum Gedenken an Georg David Laufer, der von deutschen Nationalsozialisten totgeschlagen wurde, ist auf Wunsch seiner Enkeltöchter Yael Reiser und Irit Bernstein (beide aus Israel) am 23.9.2016 verlegt worden. An der Verlegung und am Gedenken nahmen sie und ihre Familien teil.

Biographical Compilation

Yael Reiser/Irit Bernstein. Übersetzung: Helmut Lölhöffel