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Dr. Alexander Czempin

Barbarossastr. 52

Tempelhof-Schöneberg – Schöneberg

10/29/1861 in Berlin
03/01/1943 in Berlin

Alexander Czempin was born on the 29th of October 1861 in Berlin. His father was Heymann Czempin, his mother Rosalie née Jareczka. He had three brothers: Edmund, born 1860, Georg, born 1870and Martin, born 1875 and the sister Helene Clara, born1865. His mother died in 1875 after her last Child’s birth. His father married for a second time: Selma née Heimann, she gave birth to Rosalie in 1879.

Alexander Czempin studied medicine, and received the doctor’s degree in 1884. He practiced as gynecologist and surgeon. Since 1890 he was director and owner of a sanatorium which was situated in his own house since 1899. In addition,he wrote articles for a well-known medical dictionary, Villarets Handwörterbuch (reference book).
1888 he married Johanna Helene Elvira Heydemann.The children were born: 1890 Walter Gottfried Abraham, 1891 Kurt Heinrich, 1893 Irmgard Rosalie and 1895 Beate, who died soon. Alexander Czempin joined the lodge, called Johannesloge Victoria, in 1895.He got divorced in 1913.
During the First World War he directed a military hospital in Belgium. In 1924 he married Stefanie (Etienne) Kanders-Kuhl, who was born in 1889 in Alexandria in Egypt.

Alexander Czempin was a well-known member of the Berlin society. He was member of the medical association and directed the Jewish Orphanage commission. He was also a member of a Christian organization, called Brüderverein.
He belonged to a student’s fraternity „Normannia“. He lost the membershipin 1936, due to his Jewish origin.
Until 1932 Alexander Czempin lived in Königin-Augusta-Straße 12 (today Reichpietschufer) where his hospital was situated. Then he moved to Hewaldstraße 10 and in 1935 to Innsbrucker Straße 16. After he was dismissed there he moved to Barbarossastraße 52.
On the 30th of September 1939 his license to practice medicine was cancelled and Alexander Czempin suffered because of this sanction. His financial situation was still good but his income decreased more and more.
Between 1939 and 1940 he was forced to accept a subtenant: Alma Grossman. His housekeeper, Frau Linke, run the household.
His wife Stefanie was able to emigrate to the USA on the 20th of April 1940 because of the Egyptian emigration quota. Alexander Czempin had to wait for the entry permission for Germans.
He was arrested by the Gestapo, the secret police of the Nazis, but was released due to the aid of friends of influence.
On the 1st of March 1943 Alexander Czempin committed suicide when he had to face his deportation. He took 40 tablets Phandorm. He left a farewell letter to his great children and was buried in the Jewish cemetery Weißensee (U1/8/110801)
Fate of Alexander Czempins relatives

Alexander Czempins son Walter emigrated after the First World War to France and remained unmarried.
His son Kurt became an architect and married Irma Ottilie Emilie Philipp, who was a protestant. There sons were born: Robert in 1921, Thomas in 1923. Because of the last birth Irma died on the 10th of January 1924. The two sons Robert and Thomas lived from 1932 to 1939 in a children’s home named Elisabethstift in Berlin-Hermsdorf. Their guardian was the grandfather – Alexander Czempin, the same name as his son. He paid the school tax too.
Kurt committed suicide on the 7th of June 1938. Possibly he was accused of making love to an “Arian” woman which was strictly forbidden.
Kurt’s son Thomas moved to his aunt Irmgard after he finished school. He was recruited to the army in 1940. He was sent to Italy where he was forced into a (discipline-) battalion (Strafbatallion). After war he was in war captivity of the US army in Livorno from where he escaped in 1946.
Thomas’s brother Robert intended to become an architect and began an apprentice mason. After that he studied for one semester in a school for building construction. He was recruited to the army too and fought under the leadership of Rommel at El Alamein, where he was shot by a shell and lost a leg.
After his demission in summer 1942 he moved to his grandfather Alexander Czempin und continued to study.
Alexander Czempins daughter Irmgard was married to a physician Paul Roeder and in second marriage to Wilhelm Ernst Stadthagen and was divorced in 1932. She committed suicide on the 18th of October 1941. Her last address was Wittelsbacherstraße 29.
Alexander Czempins brother George was a coal monger. He married Fanny Ordenstein in 1912. They had four daughters: Elisabeth, born 1913, Marianne born1914, Herta born1918 and Margot born1921.
This part of the family emigrated to Palestine about 1936 or 1937. George Czempin died in Haifa in 1945. His widow Fanny moved to the USA, her progeny lives in Israel.
Alexander’s brother Martin was born deaf. He became a journalist and in 1904 he was a German deputy in the international deaf-mute congress in New York. In 1911 he married Johanna Gertrud Klepp, who was deaf too. He became member of the protestant church for his wife’s sake. Their sons Hans-Hubert born 1912 and Wolfgang born 1918 were also deaf. The family lived in Rangsdorf, close to Berlin. Father Martin and his sons Hans-Hubert and Wolfgang campaigned for the interests of deaf people. Hans-Hubert died in 1995. For some time, Wolfgang waspresident of the German deaf-mute federation. He died in 2007.

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