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Rolph Eduard Henoch

Stolperstein Rolph E. Henoch Bild: Stolpersteine-Initiative CW, Hupka
Eduard, Rolph und Peter Bild: Foto aus Familienbesitz
Fasanenstr. 32

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf – Wilmersdorf

06/11/1922 in Berlin
1939 mit Hilfe der St. Matthew’s Church in Worthing

Rolph Eduard Henoch was born in Berlin on June 11, 1922. He was the eldest of two sons born to Johann Eduard Henoch (1887-1941) and Lilli Therese (nee Aufseesser) (1899-1935).

The family moved several times in and around Berlin. Lilli died on December 31, 1935, prompting Eddy to move his two sons to the family’s final Berlin home, an apartment at Fasanenstr 32.

As a child Rolph, loved bicycle riding, swimming and ice skating in Berlin’s parks. The family had many parakeets. He loved the Jewish run school he attended and his uncle’s large art collection.
Rolph emigrated on January 8, 1939 when he was 16. He went first to England, with his brother Peter. His sponsorship papers for the US were delayed, so he was brought to England temporarily by St Matthews Church and the Worthing Refugee Committee who were his brother’s sponsors.

Rolph supported himself by working in a machine shop in northern England while waiting for his documents, which only arrived after war broke out. It was a very lonely and difficult time for him. His formal schooling never resumed. Although both boys’ lives were saved, their father and uncle were missing. His father moved to Riga hoping to be safer there and was never heard from again after the German army arrived in 1941.

Rolph crossed to the US alone at the age of 17. After living a short time in Albany NY with his sponsors, he made his home with Vera and Elsie Stein in Manhattan, NY. They became his family and support. Rolph became a skilled draftsman.

He became a US citizen and joined the US army in 1942. He performed valuable service as a translator to the army colonel, bravely returning to Germany to fight with the Allies.

Rolph married Liesel (Elizabeth) Karpfen on October 12,1948, and in 1955 they had a daughter, Monica, who later became a doctor. The family lived for many years in Queens NY.

Rolph went into business with Liesel’s family, becoming first manager then owner of Elite Creations Inc., a company that specialized in dolls and their clothing. He enjoyed many trips to Japan and Germany on business, long before most people were traveling internationally. Thanks to his business travels, the family were sushi eaters long before it gained worldwide popularity.

In their later years, Rolph and Liesel enjoyed living by the ocean in Isla del Sol/St Petersburg, Florida.

Rolph's passions were stamp collecting, which he began as a child in Berlin and continued throughout his life, and playing cards. Even in his later years, he used his computer to pursue this hobby. He and Liesel loved traveling, art, music and worldwide cuisine - Liesel was a great cook and Rolph loved to eat. He was an adoring and proud father to Dr Monica Henoch.

Rolph died at the age of 89, on October 7, 2011, three months after Liesel, who passed away on July 4, 2011.

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