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Rudolf Eisner

Rudolf und Hildegard Eisner © Familienbesitz
Haus der Eisners in der Genthiner Straße © Familienbesitz
Genthiner Straße 30 G

Mitte – Tiergarten

04/01/1888 in Berlin
1938 Flucht über Prag und Warschau nach England

Rudolf Otto Eisner was born on April 1st 1888 to his parents Heinrich and Olga Eisner in Berlin. Heinrich Eisner was co-owner of the Albert Hahn Roehrenwalzwerk company and had been the head of Berlin’s Jewish chamber of commerce for two decades. When he and his wife Olga died, they were buried on the Jewish cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee. Rudolf Eisner, who was a doctor of engineering, took over the company, which owned and produced pioneering steel products from several mills in Germany, Poland, Czechslovakia, Russia and the Ukraine. He married Hildegard Eisner and in 1924 their son Peter was born, followed three years later by their daughter Helene. The family led a prosperous life in the Berlin Tiergarten-district. But the Nazis coming into power in January 1933 changed everything, as the Eisner family was subjected to the full force of the anti-Semitic policies of the new state. With his business aryanised, stolen and absorbed by Mannesman Steel, Rudolf, his wife Hilde and their two children fled Germany in February 1938. They first went to Prague, then Warsaw and finally to the UK, arriving on July 7th 1939, just before war broke out. Interned as an enemy alien by the UK Government during the first half of the war on the Isle of Man, Rudolf Eisner died of pneumonia in 1946 in London, aged 58..

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