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Hermann Sandelowitz

Hermann Sandelowitz, Bild: Privat
Stolperstein für Hermann Sandelowitz (Bild: H.-J. Hupka)
Grolmannstraße 29

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf – Charlottenburg

03/02/1893 in London
on the 9th of February 1944 from Hiddenseer Straße 1 to Theresienstadt
on the 29th of September 1944 to Auschwitz
in Auschwitz

Berlin, 4th December, 2019
Ceremony at Grolmanstr. 29 for the laying of a Stolperstein
(in the presence oft he artist Gunter Demnig)
In memory of: Hermann Sandelowitz

Hermann was born in London, England on 2nd March 1893. He had a twin sister, kate, who died in London in 1895. His parents were Meyer Sanelowitz and Sarah sandelowitz (née Barnett). They married in Loondon in 1889. Sarah was born in 1865, died circa 1936 and is buried in the Nordenburger judischen Friedhof.
Hermann’s older sisiter Leah, born 1st may 1890 London, was deported 20th may 1944 from Königsberg to Theresienstadt, Leah survived Theresienstadt and died in Berlin in 1950.
Hermann Sandelowitz married Minna Arndt (born 31 December 1892 in Korschen, died 29 January 1961 in London, England). Minna (Minka) was a Lutheran Protestant. Hermann and Minka divorced during Nazi times in an Attempt to protect their only child: a daugther Ingeborg Ruth Gladys Sandelowitz, born 28 February 1924 in Berlin, died 7th April 2008 in Barcelona, Spain.
After a divorce, Hermann lived in a boarding house at 29 Grolmannstr., Charlottenburg. He was transported to Theresienstadt on 9th February 1944 (transport 1/10/. 100 people deported, 31 murdered, 69 survived). Hermann was then transported from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz on 29th September 1944 where he was murdered (transport 762. 1500 people deported, 1343 murdered. 157 survived).
The Sandelowitz family originated in Russia/Poland arriving in England at some point bevor 1889. They moved from England to Germany some time after 1895. In the 1920s, Hermann had a textile factory/business in the Berlin area, which he managed with his younger brother (Samuel Sandelowitz, born 1895). His brother, wife and daughter emigrated to the USA some time before the outbreak of war, as they were concerned about developments unter the nazi regime)
Hermann’s first Grandson, Mikael Sandelowitz, was killed in the Black Thursday bombing raid in Berlin on 16th December 1943 (along with Inge‘s first husband). Hermann’s daughter Inge went to marry an Englisch solider Pete Murray Sykes in May 1947 in Berlin. They had on son, Stephan Hermann Murray-Sykes, born London 17th may 1954. Stephan and his wife Kate (née Hulley) have 2 children, Hermann’s Great Grandchildren, Hannah Kate Die (née murray-Sykes) born London 14 October, 1990 and Alexander Stephan Murray-Sykes, born Wiedbaden 31th January, 1992. Hermann’s direct descendants all currently reside in England.

Those present

Mr. & Mrs. Stephan Hermann & Kate Murray-Sykes (Grandson of Hermann Sandelowitz)
Mrs. Hannah Kate Die (Née Murray-Sykes, Great Granddaughter of hermann Sanelowitz)
Mr. & Mrs. Hand-Jörg & Sabine Gefers (Grandson of Leah Sandelowitz)
Commodore & Mrs. Richard & Jan hawkins, OBE, Royal Navy
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Lynda Wyatt
Herr Generalmajor Gert-Johannes Hagemann
Mr. Rolf Dycherhoff (Author and Historian)
Mr. Wilfired Reul (Stolperstein Initiative, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf)

„A Thought“ (Fromm y paternal Grandfather percival Sykes, author & dramatist, who hadt his poem „The Great Silence“ accepted by the British Royal Family after the 1st World War…At the Cenotaph)

“Let me tonight look out upon the span
Twixt down ans dusk and to my conscience say
Because of some kind act to beast or man
This world is better that i lived today”


Dieser Stolperstein wurde am 4. Dezember 2019 verlegt und von der Enkelin Hannah Murray-Sykes und ihrem Bruder Stephan Murray-Sykes gespendet.

Biographical Compilation

Stephan Murray-Sykes, Enkel von Hermann Sandelowitz; Deutsche Bearbeitung Stolpersteininitiative Charlottenburg- Wilmersdorf

English Translation

Stephan Murray-Sykes