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Ruscha Schlesinger (born Jutrosinski)

Ruscha Schlesinger 1906 Bild: Familienbesitz
Stolperstein Ruscha Schlesinger Bild: Stolpersteine-Initiative CW, Hupka
Ruscha mit ihren Schwestern Bild: Familienbesitz
Ruscha mit Ehemann Julius Schlesinger Bild: Familienbesitz
Ruscha mit Gerd, Elisabeth, Rudi und Elli 1914 Bild: Familienbesitz
Ruscha mit ihren Enkeltöchtern Renate und Effie Bild: Familienbesitz
Konstanzer Str. 7

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf – Wilmersdorf

10/29/1866 in Breslau / Wrocław
on the 30th of October 1942 to Theresienstadt
12/02/1942 in Theresienstadt

Ruscha Jutrosinski Schlesinger 1866-1942 Konstanzer Strasse 7
Ruscha (Rosa) Schlesinger was born in Breslau, Germany (Wroclaw Poland) on October 29, 1866. Her parents were Louis and Johanna Jutrosinski. Ruscha was the second oldest of seven children: Emma, Jenni, Margarete, Lucie, Berthold, and Stefan. She married a grain mill owner, Julius Schlesinger, on December 27, 1892 and later lived in Schweidnitz, Germany (Swidnica, Poland). They had five children, Margarethe, Elizabeth, Elli, Rudi, and Gerhart. All of the children married. There is reason to believe that they had a happy family life until 1931 when their daughter Elli died after giving birth to a daughter named Evelyn (Effi) Ludewig Leroy. Julius died a year later. Ruscha lived in Berlin for another ten years and helped take care of her granddaughter Effi. After Hitler was elected as chancellor in 1933 more oppressive laws were passed by the Nazi party. These laws restricted all aspects of life as Jewish Germans had known it. Ruscha received a deportation order to Theresienstadt, north of Prague in October of 1942. Her daughter Margarethe described seeing her mother in her home in Berlin just before she and her husband fled to Italy in March 1942. Ruscha Schlesinger died on December 2, 1942 at Theresienstadt, a victim of the Shoah. Her sister Emma is thought to have perished after her deportation to Riga, Latvia in January 1941. Her sisters Margarete and Lucie also died in Theresienstadt after deportation from Berlin. It is believed that her brother Berthold, who owned a pharmacy, died in Hamburg on January 26, 1942 where there is a stolperstein.


Der Stolperstein für Ruscha Schlesinger, geb. Jutrosinski, wurde vom Künstler Gunter Demnig am 10. Mai 2019 verlegt und von der Urenkelin Leslie Kay gespendet.

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Text: Leslie Kay, ergänzt durch Stolperstein-Initiative Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

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