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Rosa Wolfson (born Herzberg)

Rosa Wolfson (Foto aus Privatbesitz)
Stolperstein für Rosa Wolfson (Bild: Stolpersteine-Initiative CW, Hupka)
Kaiserdamm 82

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf – Westend

09/16/1876 in Berlin
1938 Palästina

Rosa Herzberg was born in Berlin on 16 September 1876 to Feodor Herzberg (born1846) and Martha Goldschmidt, a secular Jewish family that lived in Berlin from early 19 century.

Rosa grew up at Seydelstrasse 24, Berlin. Feodor’s parents, Samuel and Adelheid, lived at Spandauerstrasse 15 in Berlin and Martha was the daughter of Michael Goldschmidt and Rosalie Goldstuecker and lived at Lützenstrasse 29, in Berlin.
Rosa married Edmund Wolfson and from 1910 lived at Fasanenstrasse 67 in Charlottenburg and from 1928 at Kaiserdamm 82.

Rosa had three children: Hans (born 5/1/02, Berlin; died London 4/3/91), Friedrich (Fritz) (born 21/4/06, Berlin; died Palestine in 1942) and Liselotte, (born 13/11/08, Berlin; died, London 26/8/92).
The children each left Germany as the Nazis increasingly made life difficult for Jews. Rosa and Edmund decided to stay, but by chance were in London during the Kristallnacht pogrom (November 1938) to celebrate Liselotte’s 30th birthday. They lost everything, but survived.

Rosa and Edmund were able to travel to Palestine to join their sons, arriving in December 1938.
Rosa died in Israel on 24th August 1954 and has great grandchildren in UK and Israel.

Biographical Compilation

Familie Kovacs/Kennett/Scott, London; Familie Wolfson/Caspary, Tel Aviv - November 2021

English Translation

Familie Kovacs/Kennett/Scott, London; Familie Wolfson/Caspary, Tel Aviv - November 2021