Wulf Fajgenbaum

Eisenacher Str. 46
Stone was laid
in 1940 nach Sachsenhausen
1942 in Sachsenhausen
  • Stolperstein für Wulf Fajgenbaum. Copyright: MTS
    Stolperstein für Wulf Fajgenbaum. Copyright: MTS

    Stolperstein für Wulf Fajgenbaum. Copyright: MTS

Wulf Fajgenbaum was born in the town of Sokolov in Galicia as one of many children of a Jewish family. He probably came to Berlin at the beginning of the 1920ies. In 1926 he moved to Apostel-Paulus-Straße 6 where he worked as a men's tailor, ably assisted by his wife Elli. Also in 1926 their first child, a son, was born followed in 1927 by a daughter. The apartment proved far too small for the growing family and they moved to an apartment in Eisenacher Straße 46, just around the corner. Another son was born in 1929.

During the raids of 9th November 1938 many Jewish men were arrested also in and around the area where the Fajgenbaums lived. Wulf Fajgenbaum was not among them, presumably because his marriage to a non-Jewish wife initially protected him. However, he and his wife made up their minds to send their children to England with a Kindertransport in July 1939. On 9th November 1940 Wulf Fajgenbaum was arrested and taken to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp where he was murdered on 10th March 1942. The ashes of all those murdered in Sachsenhausen were later interred in a communal grave on the Jewish Cemetery in Berlin Weißensee. Wulf Fajgenbaum's name is engraved on one of the gravestones there as well as on a separate stone placed in his memory by his family.

In 2013 Wulf Fajgenbaum's daughter who lives in the USA read in the magazine aktuell, published by the Berlin Senate, that a memorial plaque had been placed in the house Apostel-Paulus-Straße 26 to commemorate former Jewish neighbours (http://www.gedenktafeln-in-berlin…). This awakened memories in her of her childhood in this street and what had happened to her family and she expressed the wish to have a memorial to her father placed where the family had lived. On 26th March 2014 a Stolperstein in memory of Wulf Fajgenbaum was laid in front of the house Eisenacher Straße 46.