Hella Diamant née Better

Güntzelstr. 49
Stone was laid
14 November 2015
14 June 1908 in Auschwitz / Oświęcim
1939 Slowakei
on 15 April 1942 to Lublin
Szilard Diamant (born 1900 in Rajcza, Poland) and his wife Hella (born 1908, Oswiecim) married in 1932. He was a metal dealer who listed his nationality as Czech. They lived at 49 Güntzelstrasse until 1939 when they fled to Czechoslovakia. They were deported from Nitra to Lublin on Transport 2 on April 15, 1942. Szilard died in a Nazi camp but there is conflicting information on which camp. One record from Yad Vashem says Majdanek, another Bergen Belsen. During the transport, Szilard and Hella were separated on April 19, 1942. According to her stepson, Hella was sent to Auschwitz but managed to escape from the deportation train, or a KZ and survived the war living as a Catholic under another name in Poland. She remarried in 1951 and moved to Switzerland and then Australia where she died in the 1990s.