Johanna Holz née Lewitt

Holsteinische Straße 34
Stone was laid
08 December 2010
22 September 1904 in Berlin-Neukölln
on 27 November 1941 to Riga
30 November 1941 in Riga
  • Stolperstein für Johanna Holz.
    Stolperstein für Johanna Holz. Foto: OTFW.

    Stolperstein für Johanna Holz. Foto: OTFW.

Johanna Holz was the daughter of Regina Lewitt, née Friedländer. She married Werner Holz in 1926 and their son Jürgen Rudolf was born in 1929. In her statement of assets she gave her occupation as “former shorthand typist”.

Her brother Bernhard Lewitt (born 18 August 1899) fled in 1935 to Holland. His wife Frieda followed him a year later. He survived the war and died on 24 February 1992 in the Netherlands.

The family home, as Johanna Holz’s sister-in-law remembered, was at Holsteinische Strasse 34 in Steglitz, but their last address before their deportation was Kurfürstendamm 152. Johanna and Werner Holz were deported together with their son Jürgen on 27 November 1941 to Riga, where all three were murdered on 30 November.