Bernhard Hirsch

Schulzestraße 15
Stone was laid
24 October 2012
15 January 1880 in Kaschmin (Posen) / Koźmin (Polen)
on 13 January 1942 to Riga
in Riga
  • Stolperstein für Bernhard Hirsch
    Stolperstein für Bernhard Hirsch - Foto: Stolpersteingruppe Pankow

    Stolperstein für Bernhard Hirsch - Foto: Stolpersteingruppe Pankow

Bernhard Hirsch was born on 15 January 1880 in Koźmin (German: Koschmin) in Poland. He was a merchant by profession. Unfortunately, very little is known of Bernhard Hirsch’s life. He married Minna Hirsch, née David, who was born on 14 January 1897 in Kycynia (German: Exin) in Poland.

It is not known when the couple moved to Berlin. We only know that in the last years of their lives, Bernhard and Minna lived at Schulze Strasse 15. They lived here with Minna’s father, Moritz David, who is listed in the Berlin directory of 1938 and 1939 as a sexton of a synagogue. Moritz David was deported to the Theresienstadt ghetto where he died on 15 October 1942.

Bernhard and Minna Hirsch probably lived at Schulze Strasse 15 until they were taken away. This address is entered on the transport list as their last place of residence. On 13 January 1942 Minna and Bernhard Hirsch were deported to the Riga ghetto and murdered. This “VIII transport” left Grunewald station with 1034 people, only 15 of whom survived the Holocaust. The average age of those on board was 59. Bernhard Hirsch lived to be 62.