Minna Hirsch née David

Schulzestraße 15
Stone was laid
on 13 January 1942 nach Riga
in Riga
  • Stolperstein für Minna Hirsch
    Stolperstein für Minna Hirsch - Foto: Stolpersteingruppe Pankow

    Stolperstein für Minna Hirsch - Foto: Stolpersteingruppe Pankow

Minna Hirsch, née David, was born on 14 January 1894 in Exin (today Kcynia, Poland). Her parents were Moritz and Berta David. Minna had seven siblings who were all born in Exin.

From 1924, her father was listed in the Berlin directory as a “tradesman”, resident at Flora Strasse 14 in Pankow. Minna Hirsch trained to become a seamstress. In 1935 her mother died.

Minna married Bernhard Hirsch (born 15 January 1880 in Kozmin [Koschmin] in Poland). Bernhard was a merchant by profession.

For a time, certainly in their last years, Minna and Bernhard Hirsch lived with Minna’s father, Moritz David, at Schulze Strasse 15. In 1939 Minna’s father was committed to the Jewish old people’s home in Schönhauser Allee. On 14 July 1942 the Nazis deported Moritz David to the Theresienstadt ghetto, where he died on 15 October 1942.

It is not known whether Minna and Bernhard Hirsch were able to stay in their apartment at Schulze Strasse 15 until they were taken away. But this address is entered on the transport list as their last place of residence. Minna and Bernhard Hirsch were deported on 13 January 1942 to the Riga ghetto, where they were murdered. This 8th transport to the East left Grunewald station with 1034 people on board, only 15 of whom survived the Holocaust. The deportees’ average age was 59.

Minna Hirsch lived to be 45.

Of the David family’s eight children, only two survived the Holocaust: Paula Anhang, née David, who was interned in Ferramonti, Italy, and died in Australia in 1956; and Georg Gershon David, who immigrated to Palestine in 1934. Their sisters Jettchen, Clara, Lotte, Minna and Agathe and their brother Leo were all deported from Berlin.