Siegfried Czarlinski

Wundtstr. 52
Stone was laid
09 April 2009
25 March 1887
18 May 1944 im Lager Großbeeren
  • Stolperstein für Siegfried Czarlinski
    Foto: Initiative Stolpersteine Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

    Foto: Initiative Stolpersteine Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

A letter I sent to my husband [in Camp Großbeeren] was returned in January 1945 marked Addressee no longer in the camp. I have not heard from my husband since, nor heard anything about him from any third party. All my inquiries into the whereabouts of my husband, via official and unofficial channels, came to nothing.

Affidavit by Anna Czarlinski, 1951

Siegfried Czarlinski was registered as Mosaic, i.e. Jewish. In 1919, he ran for office in the town council of Charlottenburg, which was still independent from Berlin at the time. Although he was not voted in, he joined the council later to replace a colleague. He was elected to the council in 1920, when Charlottenburg was incorporated into Greater Berlin, and all subsequent elections until mid-1933, first for the USPD (Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany) and from 1922, for the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany). He was re-elected as city councillor in Berlin in 1933. Following the ban on the SPD in June and the introduction of the “Decree for Safety of the Leadership of the State” in July of that year, he was unseated and barred from working as a city or local councillor. He was dismissed from his position as a state lottery agent for political or anti-Semitic reasons. He was also fired by the insurance companies whose chief representative he was for Charlottenburg. He was arrested and questioned by the Gestapo several times but always released after a short while. From 1941, he was forced to wear the yellow badge. In May 1944, he was taken to an assembly camp in Schulstraße in Wedding. From there he was sent with a number of other Jews to Großbeeren labour camp. There are no subsequent traces of Siegfried Czarlinski. The district court of Charlottenburg determined his date of death.

Siegfried Czarlinski was a city councillor 1930 – 1933, Constituency 7 Charlottenburg (SPD)