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Dr. Alfred Hohenstein

Stolperstein für Alfred Hohenstein. Foto: OTFW.
Oranienstraße 206

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg – Kreuzberg

09/09/1898 in Raduhn (Westpreußen) / Raduń
on the 4th of March 1943 from Moabit to Auschwitz
04/20/1943 in Auschwitz

Dr. Alfred Max Hohenstein was born on 9 September 1898 in the West Prussian town of Raduhn (today a district of the Polish rural municipality Dziemiany). He moved to Berlin to study medicine and qualified as a medical practitioner in 1930. In the following years he worked as a doctor in Pankow, Wedding and Neukölln. He was married to Erna Hohenstein, née Lippmann, a native Berliner. In 1934 their only child was born, a son named Dieter.

Following the Nazis’ rise to power, Dr Alfred Max Hohenstein and his family were also threatened by antisemitic persecution on account of their Jewish background. On 9 December 1938 Dr Hohenstein had his health service licence revoked and was henceforth permitted only to work as a “medic” treating Jewish patients. In 1939 he had to give up his practice and apartment in Anzengruber Strasse, Neukölln. He and his family then moved into a “Jew house” at Oranien Strasse 206 in Kreuzberg. The apartment was on the second floor of the street-facing building, where Dr Hohenstein also had his practice. On 4 March 1943 Dr Alfred Max Hohenstein, his wife Erna and their eight-year-old son Dieter were deported to Auschwitz extermination camp, where they were murdered on 20 April 1943.

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