"Stolpersteine - Gedenken und Soziale Skupltur"
an exhibition by the Koordinierungsstelle Stolpersteine Berlin

Stolpersteine (stumbling stones) is a project of the artist Gunter Demnig. The project commemorates people who were persecuted by the Nazis between 1933 and 1945. Stolpersteine are being realized for Jews, Sinti and Roma, people from the political or religious resistance, victims of the ”euthanasia”; murders, homosexuals, Jehovahs Witnesses and for people who were persecuted for being declared to be ”asocial”. The concrete blocks measuring 10x10cm and are laid into the pavement in front of the last voluntarily chosen places of residence of the victims of the Nazis. Their names and fate are engraved into a brass plate on the top of each Stolperstein. For more than 20 years they have been part of the urban image of Berlin. Thus, the exhibition wants to introduce the often unknown groundwork and manifold facets of this European art and remembrance project. Those participating in the origination process as well as those later walking by are presented as part of this social sculpture.

Current Place of Exhibition
Stadt- und Kinderbibliothek Stralsund - Badenstraße 13, 18439 Stralsund (11. Juni 2020 bis 28. September 2020)

Previous Places of Exhibition
Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Foyer und Salon, Franz-Mehring-Platz 1, 10243 Berlin (27. Januar bis 26. Februar 2020)
Wolfdietrich Schnurre Bibliothek im Bildungszentrum am Antonplatz Bizetstraße 41, 13088 Berlin (15. August bis 25. September 2019)
Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin, Wandelhalle (15. Mai bis 7. Juni 2019)
Bibliothek Lokhal Tilburg (04.April bis 5. Mai 2019)
Bibliothek Hengelo (11. März bis 3. April 2019)
Bibliothek Hilversum (6. Februar bis 11. März 2019)
<span class="glossify-exclude">Holocaust</span> Museum Amsterdam (18. Dezember 2018 bis 2. Februar 2019)
Bibliothek Zwolle (14. November bis 14. Dezember 2018)
Rathaus Den Haag (29. Oktober bis 11. November 2018)
Bibliothek am Schäfersee (Stadtteilbibliothek Reinickendorf-Ost) Stargardtstr. 11-13, 13407 Berlin (4. September bis 24. Oktober 2018)
VHS Tempelhof-Schöneberg Barbarossaplatz 5, 10781 Berlin, Galerie 1. Obergeschoss (22. Juni bis 30. August 2018)
Villa Oppenheim, Schloßstraße 55, 14059 Berlin (16. April bis 17. Juni 2018)
Rathaus Charlottenburg, Rathausgalerie (2. OG), Otto-Suhr-Allee 100 (17. Januar bis 15. April 2018)
Boston City Hall, Mezzanine Level (14. bis 28. September 2017)
Foyer der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (26. Juni 2017 bis 27. Juli 2017)
Topographie des Terrors (15. November 2016 bis 20. Februar 2017)


If you have any questions regarding the exhibition or want to host it at your location, please contact Dr. Silvija Kavčič.