Getting involved

The Stolpersteine project enables several options of participation on a voluntary basis. On the one hand, Stolpersteine can be initialized. For this, thorough research on the biography is necessary, in which dates, the fate and the facts about the persecution and the last voluntarily chosen place of residence are central points. Stolpersteine in your local surroundings can also be cleaned to prevent them from weathering and becoming illegible. You do not have to inform us about cleaning activities, but if you are interested, you can request a sponsorship for regular cleaning.
On the other hand, you can participate in one of the many local Stolpersteine groups. These groups are responsible for the administration of the requests for Stolpersteine in their neighbourhood and also for the laying of the Stolpersteine. Communicating with the relatives and doing research for the biographies belong to the many tasks in a Stolperstein group.
And then you could also be active on a scientific level and do researches for those Stolpersteine which do not yet have a biographical text. This should be done in cooperation with the Coordination Office Stolpersteine Berlin and the specific local Stolpersteine group.
An own field is being marked by pedagogical projects – if you are interested in this topic, you will find information in the chapter „pedagogics“..