Dorothea Stargardt

Alt-Moabit 85 a
17 November 1896 in Berlin
on 01 March 1943 to Auschwitz
in Auschwitz
Dorothea Stargardt was born on 17 November 1896 in Berlin, the daughter of Jacob and Clara Stargardt, née Lindenfeld. In August 1898 her brother was born. In the 1930s she lived with her family at Alt-Moabit 85a.
The family’s declaration of assets shows that Dorothea’s parents’ last place of residence was the old people’s home at Iranische Strasse 2, where they probably moved in 1941. Jacob and Clara Stargardt were forced to conclude a ‘home purchasing contract’ for their resettlement in Theresienstadt, involving payment of 6250 Reichmarks, supposedly to cover all their board and lodging until they turned 85. On 29 January 1943 Jacob and Clara Stargardt were deported to the Theresienstadt ghetto on the “84th transport of the elderly”. Jacob Stargardt died just 16 days later on 14 February 1943; his wife Clara died a few days later.
After Jacob and Clara Stargardt had moved into the old people’s home on Iranische Strasse, their children, Erich and Dorothea, were probably forced to move out of their former home and rent accommodation as subtenants. Erich Stargardt worked – most likely as a forced labourer – for the Kurt Seydel company in Bülow Strasse in Berlin. He and his sister Dorothea were deported during the Nazis’ March 1943 “factory campaign” to Auschwitz, on the “31st transport to the East”, and murdered.