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Walter Strohmann

Fotografie von Walter Strohmann © GDW
Grüntaler Straße 30

Mitte – Gesundbrunnen

10/06/1891 in Barmen
on the 14th of May 1942 in Berlin
from May 1942 up to July 1942 in Polizeigefängnis am Alexanderplatz
from July 1942 up to August 1943 in Sachsenhausen
from August 1943 up to September 1943 in Polizeigefängnis Moabit
from September 1943 up to May 1944 in Gefängnis Landsberg/Warthe
from May 1944 up to August 1944 in Potsdam
08/14/1944 in Zuchthaus Brandenburg-Görden

Walter Strohmann was born on 6 October 1891 in Barmen. In the 1930s he lived at Grüntaler Strasse 30 in Berlin-Mitte.
Walter was a member of a resistance group, the Uhrig circle, active in the German armaments and munitions factory in Borsigwalde. The group aimed to sabotage Germany’s arms production by making shell casings unusable at the seventh or eighth stage of manufacturing. In early February 1942, the Gestapo managed to break up the group after somebody informed on them. Roughly one hundred members of the Uhrig circle were arrested, almost eighty of whom died soon afterwards. Of the 48 convicted in the main trial, 33 were condemned to death. 16 prisoners “passed away” during the two-year inquiry. Walter Strohmann was executed on 14 August 1944 in Brandenburg prison, alongside the Wedding residents Willy Sachse, Paul Gesche, Otto Lemm and Otto Schmirgal. Karl Hübner, sentenced to six years’ imprisonment, was killed as the Red Army approached Sonnenburg prison.

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