Henriette Wolff

Bundesratufer 1
Stone was laid
May 2004
31 August 1893 in Chemnitz (Sachsen)
on 19 October 1942 to Riga
im Ghetto Riga
Henriette Wolff was born on 31 August 1893 in Chemnitz, Saxony. She was married to Dr. Hans Georg Wolff, a chemical scientist. They had a daughter, Elisabeth, who was born in Berlin in 1926.
Initially the Wolff family lived at Philippstraße 3 in Berlin-Mitte. In 1926 they moved out to Waidmannslust but returned to central Berlin in 1930, taking an apartment at Luisenstraße 21. In this year and the following years, Hans Georg Wolff is listed in the Berlin directory as a “sworn expert on paint and varnish”. In 1934 the Wolff family moved to an apartment at Bundesratufer 1 in Moabit. Hans Georg Wolff set up a laboratory for his work in Luisenstraße.
Their daughter Elisabeth Wolff attended the private Jewish school Zickel, and later the Jewish school at Klopstockstraße 58, until all Jewish schools were closed in June 1942. Dr. Hans Georg Wolff was made to check rust-proofing paint for naval submarines in his laboratory from 1937 onwards. In 1942 he performed forced labour for the company Warnecke und Böhm in Weißensee.
The entire family was deported to Riga on the “21st transport to the east” on 19 October 1942 and has been classified missing ever since.