Frank Cohn née Berger

Drakestr. 47
Stone was laid
01 December 2005
29 April 1928 in Berlin
on 04 March 1943 to Auschwitz
in Auschwitz
Little is known about the life of Frank Cohn. Records show that he started school in 1934 in Zeitzer Straße in the Schöneberg district of Berlin, and later attended the 8th Jewish primary school. He completed a mandatory declaration of assets before deportation in March 1943, still aged only 15, in which he stated that he worked for the Zehlendorf textile factory for a weekly wage of 14 Reichmarks. The only relatives he is known to have had were his mother Else Berger, née Breslauer, who took her husband’s name, Cohn, and his sister Marlene Kaplan, née Berger (who also took the name Cohn later) and her husband. Frank Cohn’s address at the time of the 1939 population census was Schützenstraße 20, Tempelhof, Mariendorf. He declared having one non-Jewish grandparent and three Jewish grandparents.
Bearing the same handwriting as the declarations of Mr & Mrs Friedländer and Mr & Mrs Kaplan, Frank Cohn’s declaration of assets comprises a long inventory of household goods, which were perhaps the belongings of his mother Else Berger, née Breslauer, who had died in 1941.
Frank Cohn was deported on 8 March 1943 from the Levetzow Straße assembly camp to Auschwitz, where all trace of him disappears.