Meta Laserstein née Birnbaum

Immenweg 7
Stone was laid
03 July 2010
18 May 1867 in Preußisch-Holland
on 23 December 1942 to Ravensbrück
16 January 1943 in Ravensbrück
Meta Laserstein was the widow of pharmacist Hugo Laserstein, who died in 1902. Meta and Hugo had two daughters, Lotte (born in 1898) and Käthe (born in 1900).
After the death of her husband, Meta Laserstein moved with her daughters from Prussian Holland to Danzig, where her mother and aunt, Anna Birnbaum, lived.
In 1912 the family moved to Berlin and took an apartment at Stier Strasse 19 in Friedenau. Both of Meta’s daughters took their school-leaving certificates and went to university. In 1930 Lotte moved to Nachod Strasse and from 1931 Meta lived with Käthe on Immen Weg in Steglitz.
With the introduction of the Nazis’ Race Laws, Meta Laserstein became a “first degree person of mixed blood”. In 1937 her daughter Lotte, a painter, emigrated to Sweden. Meta visited Lotte here in 1939, returning to Berlin on 3 September.
Käthe Laserstein went into hiding on 14 July 1942. During a search of their home, Meta refused to reveal her daughter’s whereabouts and was arrested on 29 July 1942. In December 1942 she was taken to Ravensbrück women’s prison, where she died on 16 January 1943.
Though severely traumatised, her daughter Käthe survived in Berlin together with her partner, Rose Ollendorf. After the war she lived with her sister in Sweden for a time but returned to Berlin in 1954 and became a teacher at the Gertrauden School in Dahlem.