Amalie Alice Capell née Fiegel

Scabellstr. 4
Historical name
Robertstraße 4
Stone was laid
12 June 2021
17 March 1888 in Berlin
Escape into death
16 June 1942 in Berlin

Amalie Alice Capell was born on March 17, 1888 in Berlin as the daughter of the businessman Bruno Fiegel and his wife Minna, née Cohn.
She lived with her family and siblings Paul (born 1881, died 1947 in Sydney), Max (born 1883, died 1968 in Tokyo) and Ida (born 1890) at Bleibtreustrasse 31 in Charlottenburg; she did not learn a profession .
On June 26, 1913, she married Richard Capell, a businessman who was sworn in as a commercial judge at Regional Court III in Berlin in 1923.
According to her sister Ida Roding, Amalie Capell lived in Wannsee from January 30, 1933 to 1939, at Robertstrasse 3-4, today's Scabellstrasse 3a.
In 1939 she was probably forced to move to Frobenstrasse 1, probably a so-called Jewish house. She had to live there in a household with three strangers and saw no other way out than to take her own life here on June 16, 1942.
Her husband, Richard Capell, had probably already been murdered in a concentration camp at this time. The Capells' very high assets were confiscated "for the benefit of the German Empire".