Jenny Stock née Gradnauer

Zikadenweg 51
Stone was laid
April 2009
07 May 1869 in Magdeburg
on 20 November 1942 to Theresienstadt
24 March 1943 im Ghetto Theresienstadt
Jenny Gradnauer came from a family of Jewish merchants. In 1891, after completing an apprenticeship in home economics, she married Paul Stock who owned a menswear shop in Frankfurt (Oder). A few years later, they moved to Berlin, where they ran a gentlemen’s tailoring business. When her husband died in 1928, Jenny Stock moved to Kleinmachnow, where her brother, Georg Gradnauer, lived. He had been premier of Saxony from 1919 to 1921 and Reich Minister of the Interior in 1921 before becoming envoy of the Saxon government in Berlin. Jenny Stock was elected to the Wilmersdorf council in the 1933 elections, which had been brought forward by Hitler following his appointment as Chancellor. She was unseated and barred from working as a local councillor under the SPD ban in June and the “Decree for Safety of the Leadership of State ”introduced in July 1933. Her brother's children emigrated that same year. Another branch of the family fled to Shanghai in 1940, including her mother, who died there shortly afterwards. On 20.11.1942, Jenny Stock was deported to Theresienstadt Ghetto, where she died. Her brother was deported on 21.1.1944. He survived. The district court of Charlottenburg determined Jenny Stock's date of death.
The deportees’ property was seized by the Reich authorities. On Georg Gradnauer’s return from Theresienstadt in 1946, the office responsible denied him any information about his confiscated assets. He died later the same year, never having been able to declare his losses.

Jenny Stock was a city councillor 1923 – 1925, Constituency 9 Wilmersdorf (SPD)