Elsbeth-Luise Epstein née Kohn

Argentinische Allee 20
Historical name
Stone was laid
09 November 2014
1880 in
on 24 June 1942 to Minsk
in Minsk

Elsbeth Else Luise Kohn was born on March 22, 1880 in Nuremberg as the daughter of Adolph Kohn and his wife Anna.
She married the architect and royal government architect Walther Leo Epstein. The daughter Annemarie was born on October 14, 1905.
From 1907 to 1908, Walther Epstein built a representative house for himself and his family at Argentinische Allee 20. He died in 1918.
The daughter Annemarie married the art historian Julius Meier-Gräfe, who died in 1934. Annemarie Meier-Gräfe purchased the house La Banette in Saint-Cyr-sur-mer and lived there until she emigrated to the USA in 1941. She made the house available to her uncle Friedrich Epstein and Else Weil (former wife of Kurt Tucholsky).
Elsbeth Epstein had to move to Kurfürstenstrasse 115. On June 24, 1942, she was deported to Minsk and murdered in the Maly Trostinez extermination camp.
After the Second World War, her daughter Annemarie married Hermann Broch in the USA, whom she had met in Vienna in 1937.
Annemarie Meier-Gräfe-Broch died in her home in Saint-Cyr-sur-mer in 1994.