Käthe Neumann née Fuchs

Argentinische Allee 4
Historical name
Stone was laid
09 November 2014
27 December 1903 in Wschowa / Fraustadt
on 09 March 1944 to Auschwitz
in Auschwitz

Käthe Fuchs was born on December 27, 1903 in Fraustadt as the daughter of the businessman Carl Fuchs and his wife Marie née Schlesinger. She had an older sister Lotte.
The family moved to Berlin and her father bought a house at Grunewaldallee 4 in Zehlendorf (today Argentinische Allee).
Käthe married Erich Neumann and their daughter Liselotte was born on November 18, 1927. Her father gave her a house at Beerenstrasse 41, where she lived with her husband until they divorced. Käthe moved back in with her parents with her daughter.
They had to leave the house at Argentinische Allee 4 because of the Nazi repression and moved together to Lietzenburger Straße 22/23 on the front ground floor.
From there her parents were deported to Theresienstadt on August 26, 1942. Käthe probably had to do forced labor until she was deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp on March 9, 1944, together with her daughter Liselotte and her sister Lotte. Her date of death is unknown.