Friedrich Klemstein

Gotzkowskystr. 35
Stone was laid
June 2008
01 January 1893 in Altkarbe / Stare Kurowo
to Auschwitz
20 April 1945 in Brandenburg-Görden
Friedrich Klemstein was born in Altcarbe in the District of Friedeberg, Neumark (today Stare Kurowo, Poland). A welder by profession, he worked for Ludwig Loewe & Co. in Berlin-Moabit. He was active in the trade union and the workers’ sports club “Fichte” and was director of a sports centre for water sports in Saatwinkel.
From 1933 to 1939 he headed an illegal Rote Hilfe Deutschlands (German Red Aid) group which raised funds for the families of political prisoners. In 1943/44 he joined the resistance group around Anton Saefkow, set up an illegal cell within his place of work and organized the distribution of flyers agitating against the war. On 18 September 1944 he was arrested and severely abused during questioning. On 2 February 1945 he was sentenced to death by the so-called People’s Court. Friedrich Klemstein was executed on 20 April 1945 in Brandenburg-Gören prison.