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Moritz David

Stolperstein für Moritz David - Foto: Stolpersteingruppe Pankow
Schulzestraße 15

Pankow – Pankow

05/26/1859 in Exin (Posen) / Kcynia (Polen)
on the 14th of July 1942 from Iranische Straße 2 to Theresienstadt
10/15/1942 in Theresienstadt

Moritz David was born on 26 May 1859 in Exin (today Kcynia, Poland) and was a freight forwarder by profession. His wife, Berta David, née Jacoby, was also born in Exin in 1864. Moritz and Berta married in 1885. They had eight children, all born in Exin. Moritz David is listed in the Berlin directory from 1924 as a “tradesman” resident at Florastrasse 14, Pankow. His wife died in 1935.

For the family’s restitution file, Moritz David’s youngest son, Georg Gershon David, a commercial dock worker in Tel Aviv, stated that: “After my emigration to Palestine in 1934, I was in constant written contact with my father until the letters suddenly stopped.”

In the years 1938 and 1939, Moritz David is listed as a sexton of a synagogue resident at Schulze Strasse 15. It is possible that he worked at the synagogue at Mühlen Strasse 77, Pankow.

His daughter Minna Hirsch and her husband Bernhard Hirsch lived with him in Schulze Strasse. Both were transported to the Riga ghetto on 13 January 1942 where they were murdered.

Probably in 1939, Moritz David was forced to move to the Jewish old people’s home in Schönhauser Allee and, finally, the old people’s home at Iranische Strasse 2. He was transported on 14 July 1942 on the 21st “transport of the elderly” to the Theresienstadt ghetto, where he died on 15 October 1942. There is a death notice from the Theresienstadt ghetto similar to one sent to many family members: “Cause of death: old age; date and time of death: 15.10.42, 3 am”. Moritz David was 83 years old.

Of the David family’s eight children, only two survived the holocaust: Paula Anhang, née David, who was interned in Ferramonti, Italy and died in 1956 in Australia, and Georg Gershon David, who immigrated to Palestine in 1934. Their sisters Jettchen, Clara, Lotte, Minna and Agathe and brother Leo were all deported from Berlin.

Biographical Compilation

Stolpersteingruppe Pankow

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Charlotte Kreutzmüller