Hertha Lewy née Kaiser

Albrechtstr. 38
Stone was laid
19 September 2013
21 October 1903 in Ratibor (Schlesien) / Racibórz
on 09 December 1942 to Auschwitz
Hertha Lewy was born on 21 October 1903, the daughter of Marianne Kaiser, in Ratibor, Silesia (now Racibórz, Poland). On 21 November 1893, she married Max Lewy, a native of Berlin. In September 1938, they moved in with Marianne Kaiser in her first-floor apartment in the side-building at Albrechtstraße 38 in Steglitz.
Hertha and Max Lewy were made to perform forced labour at the Borsigwalde works for the German armaments industry (Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken AG). On 14 September 1942, they witnessed the deportation of Hertha’s mother Marianne Kaiser and two other residents of the house at Albrechtstraße 38 to Theresienstadt.
A few days later, on 1 October 1942, the Gestapo headquarters in Berlin issued asset confiscation orders against Mr and Mrs Lewy—starting their “emigration” process. On 5 December 1942, they were given their notice of delivery at Große Hamburger Straße 26.
Hertha and Max Lewy were deported to Auschwitz on 9 December 1942. Max Lewy died on 3 January in Auschwitz. Hertha Lewy is classified as missing.