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Ellinor Asch

Stolperstein für Ellinor Asch © OTFW
Thomasiusstraße 3

Mitte – Moabit

02/26/1927 in Ratzebuhr (Pommern) / Okonek
Schülerin / pupil
on the 26th of September 1942 from Berlin to Raasiku bei Reval (Tallinn)
in Raasiku bei Reval (Tallinn)

Ellinor Asch was a student, and had been living at Thomasiusstraße 3 with parents, Marta and Simon, and siblings, Irma and Werner, since the 1930s. Ellinor was a pupil at the Adass Yisroel school in Hansaviertel, until the authorities closed it down.

Her brother Werner worked as a taxi driver until 1936, at which time he was no longer able to work because he was a Jew. About 1940 Ellinor’s brother married Liselotte Fraenkel, and moved with her just around the corner, to Turmstrasse 76, where the couple rented from the Berlinsky family. Ellinor's sister Irma also married, and moved with her husband, Walter Freundlich, to Hansaviertel.

Ellinor's father Simon, who was a tailor, had to do slave labor at the Karl Berger metals factory at Dieffenbachstrasse in Kreuzberg. Also at this time, Ellinor's mother was taking care of her sister Recha Caminer, who was blind and had moved in with the Asch family.

In 1941, Ellinor’s brother, Werner Asch, was deported with his wife from Turmstrasse to the Minsk ghetto, where both were murdered.

Ten months later in September 1942, 15-year-old Ellinor, her parents and aunt Recha Caminer, were deported to Raasiku in Estonia and murdered.

Six months later, Ellinor's sister Irma and her husband were sent to their deaths at Auschwitz.

Biographical Compilation

Oliver Geiger, Ergänzung Astrid Vehstedt

English Translation

Judith Elam