Kurt Marcus

Thomasiusstraße 26
Stone was laid
08 August 2014
26 August 1896 in Danzig
Forced Labour
Hilfsarbeiter (Siemens, Werner-Werk)
Vor dem 21.09.1943 untergetaucht
Declared dead
We know very little about Kurt Marcus, other than that he was born in Danzig. He and his wife, Irma, were initially sub-tenants in a large 6-bedroom apartment at Thomasiusstraße 26. After the main tenant, Louise Levy, was deported in 1941, Kurt Marcus took over the large apartment as the main tenant. During these years of no rights for Jews, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marcus was quickly turned into a so-called “Jew apartment”, as they were forced to rent out several rooms in their apartment to Jews who had been forced out of their own homes, since they could no longer rent as Jews.

During that time Kurt Marcus had to do slave labor in Wernerwerk at Siemens. He and his wife, Irma, tried in vain to follow Irma’s sister, Erna, to the USA.

In 1942, when Kurt Marcus realized he would be deported, the 46 year old went underground. His wife was deported on September 5, 1942 to Riga and murdered upon arrival.

After the war Kurt’s sister, Gertrud Wronker, nee Marcus, who had managed to escape to England, tried in vain to find him. Kurt Marcus is considered “missing, presumed dead” and was probably killed on the run from the authorities.