Louise Levy

Thomasiusstraße 26
Stone was laid
08 August 2014
27 June 1889 in Hohensalza (Posen) / Inowrocław
on 27 November 1941 to Riga
30 November 1941 in Riga-Rumbula
Louise Levy had been living at Thomasiusstraße 26 since 1932. She was born in 1889 in in Hohensalza, in the former province of Posen in West Prussia. Louise Levy was single. In the 1936 Berlin address book the word “tobacco” is mentioned after her name, so presumably Louise Levy was self-employed. From 1940 onwards she is listed as a “buyer”.

Louise Levy was the first of ten Jewish residents to be deported from her building. In her declaration of assets, which she had to submit nine days before her deportation, she listed her occupation as 'worker'. She was working as a slave laborer at Reh & Praedel, and her weekly wage was 27 RM. The Aryanized Reh & Praedel shoe factory was located in Berlin-Britz and was now being used as a POW camp.

According to Louise Levy's assets declaration, she was now only occupying two of the six rooms, because she had been forced to rent out the other partly-furnished rooms of her apartment to Jews.

On November 27, 1941 Louise Levy was deported to Riga and, upon arrival, taken to the forest at Rumbula, where she was murdered. Louise was 52. According to documentation on this massacre, the victims were forced to strip naked, despite the cold weather. They were then shot in the back of the head at close range, in mass pits which had already been dug.